We have over 20 years of experience in all facets of remodeling, kitchen remodeling, screen rooms, sunrooms, hurricane protection, windows, garages and general renovation and construction projects.
Yes. We have several estimators. Our estimators will call to discuss your needs and schedule a time for an appointment, which is convenient with your schedule.
Once you have identified the type and amount of remodeling work you wish to have done (many times home owners have several items on their remodeling wish list, prioritize each project as you see fit, based on your household needs and available financing), email us or give us a call to schedule a design/quote consultation.
Yes. You can also go to the contact us page and email us with information that you would like to have completed. When our team member meets with you, they will discuss all of the options that might be available, and help to guide you for what will work best for your situation.
Payment options vary from job to job, however generally at least the price of materials and travel to the job site is calculated into the down payment. A final payment will then be due at the completion of the work.
This will vary with the type and scope of the work being done. You can discuss these options and any time leading up to, during, or after your design quote consultation. We will work with you to establish a plan that is amenable to you and minimizes disruptions of your ongoing household activities as much possible.
Yes. We make special efforts to minimize our foot print both during and after completing our remodeling work, so you can better enjoy the remodeling process and its rewards.
You will have a project contractor who is there to answer any questions or concerns as the project progresses. Their job is to inform you and react to any reasonable request during the project. Many customers who don’t have this open communication with the contractor feel uncomfortable and sometimes feel they are not getting the value as a result.
Yes, if the modifications fit within the scope of the project, a modified quotation is sometimes required.

General questions:

A: The two go hand in hand. We recommend establishing which (the lot or the house) you have more of a preference for since the design and build is dependent on the kind of lot you choose. Remember, what you can afford dictates what and where you can build.
A: Absolutely. Additionally, make sure that general liability insurance is instated before breaking ground. You can provide general liability, or you can work with a fully insured builder. Check to see if workers’ compensation insurance is instituted too.
A: Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But they’ll surely have recommendations.
A: Home automation puts control directly in your hands, assists in overall efficiency, streamlines your life, and can ultimately save you money. Imagine if you could control temperature, adjust the lights, or start your coffee maker via a smart hub without even having to get out of bed in the morning.